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The Importance of Apartment Cleaning in Spokane & Kootenai Counties

Discover unparalleled Apartment Cleaning Services in Spokane & Kootenai Counties that redefine the standards of cleanliness. In the bustling world of apartment living, maintaining a pristine and organized space is not just a luxury, it’s a fundamental aspect of well-being. Our specialized services cater to the unique demands of apartment dwellers, providing a tailored cleaning experience that elevates the quality of your living environment.


Embrace the significance of a meticulously cleaned apartment in Spokane & Kootenai Counties, where the pace of life is dynamic and demands adaptability. Beyond the surface, our services delve into the details that matter, ensuring your living space is not only aesthetically pleasing but also conducive to a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle. Whether you’re a busy professional, a student navigating academic challenges, or a family seeking a harmonious home, our Apartment Cleaning Services are designed to align with your specific needs. Experience the transformation of your apartment into a haven of cleanliness and order, enriching your daily life with the comfort and serenity you deserve. 

The Choice Cleaning Plus Difference

Tailored Cleaning Solutions

We understand that every apartment is unique. Our cleaning solutions are customizable to address your specific requirements and preferences.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

Our experienced team pays meticulous attention to every corner of your apartment, ensuring that no area goes unnoticed.

Flexible Scheduling

We offer flexible scheduling options that fit your busy lifestyle, ensuring that your apartment is cleaned at a time that suits you.

Eco-Friendly Approach

We prioritize your well-being and the environment. Our eco-friendly cleaning products create a safe and non-toxic living environment.

Our Apartment Cleaning Services in Spokane & Kootenai Counties Include

Living Areas

We clean and dust living areas, ensuring that your space is comfortable and inviting for relaxation and entertainment.

Kitchen Cleaning

We sanitize kitchen surfaces, clean appliances, and ensure that your kitchen is a clean and hygienic space for meal preparation.

Bathroom Sanitization

We thoroughly clean and sanitize bathrooms, ensuring that they are free from germs and bacteria.

Bedroom Refresh

We change bed linens, dust surfaces, and ensure that your bedroom is a clean and tranquil space for restful sleep.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Choice Cleaning Plus has been a game-changer for my apartment cleaning in Spokane County needs. Their attention to detail is impressive, and they consistently leave my apartment looking and feeling pristine. With my busy schedule, their flexible scheduling options have been a lifesaver. I highly recommend their services to fellow apartment residents.

Mia Johnson

As a property manager, I’ve entrusted Choice Cleaning Plus to maintain the cleanliness of our apartment complex. Their professionalism and commitment to quality are evident in their work. The apartments are consistently cleaned to a high standard, and our residents are satisfied. Choice Cleaning Plus is a reliable partner in apartment cleaning in Kootenai County.

Alex Carter

Your Partner in Sparkling Cleanliness

At Choice Cleaning Plus, we understand the importance of a clean and comfortable apartment. Let us handle the cleaning, so you can enjoy a space that truly feels like home. Contact us today for a free estimate and experience the Choice Cleaning Plus difference. Let our skilled team elevate your apartment living experience with a clean, inviting, and organized space that reflects your lifestyle. Choose your Apartment Cleaning Services in Spokane & Kootenai Counties.